National Wine Day?

According to the people who make up holidays, today is National Wine Day. I still went to work, though staying home and drinking wine all day is, I presume, how it’s supposed to be celebrated and would have been heavenly.  However, I don’t think it needs a day. I probably need a day off, in fact. Those are the days I go with a nice craft beer 😀 But so as not to be disrespectful, the hubs and I split a bottle of Pinot Grigio…in my defense, it was my only chilled white and I had made a spicy stir fry for dinner, so I wasn’t feeling my usual red.  Maybe it should be National Wine Week so I can have a do-over?  How did you celebrate?

One thought on “National Wine Day?

  1. I, unfortunately, didn’t realize this important holy day till I was, happily half way into a quite generous pour of a lovey Clos Du Val 2013 Estate Pinot Noir – evening after I opened it. It seems a beautiful red is even deeper in taste the day after ( in rare cases when ther remains some) it is opened.. I may have missed this day of note since there were no cards conveying Happy National Wine Day at the stores! Shouldn’t they have been there I between Valentines Day and Saint Patty’s Day cards?!?!
    I paired this lovely Pinot with home made tex-mex low-fat baked burritos – ground turkey breast, fresh tomatoes, shallots, 4 reduced fat mexican cheeses with avocado and fat free sour cream. It was a nice pairing.
    This is a holy day I can totally get behind. And I know a guy who makes off the rails greeting cards to support it.
    PS – yes, I know I said holy day instead of holiday. Bacchus was a God, yes? No blasphemy intended.


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